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Bodywise, Inc. was established in 2001 in the San Fernando Valley and for the past 13 years has been the premier Pilates studio of the area.  With a highly personalized approach to our client’s goals and overall well-being the skilled staff have a superb knowledge of the body and true organized kinesthetic movement.  We are completely committed to our client’s goals and wellness, empowering our client’s with knowledge and fitness so that their physical well-being achieves its highest level.  Over the 13 years we have successfully alleviated chronic pain, helped those with disabilities to live a better life, assisted those in post-rehabilitation for a full body recovery and enhanced athletic performance up to 30% while lowering the incidence of injury.  By taking Pilates to the next level we take our client’s well being to the next level.  Bodywise is committed to making your Body as Wise as your mind. 



The Body Will Find a Way

Jennifer Wilson

One thing that is so brilliant about our bodies is their persistency.  We will continue on, we will make it work — this is survival.


This built in capability to make it work at all costs is a wonderful attribute in times of crises and emergency, however when this continues on over time, this persistency will not fix the original problem and most likely will create more problems in the body.

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Use it or Lose it….So True

Jennifer Wilson

Given life’s events I have come to learn that not using my body lends itself to a huge amount of discomfort and joint pain, whereas when I exercise at least to some degree daily I feel fantastic with the most discomfort I may be in being muscle fatigue.  Based on the very true old adage (which I actually looked up but could not find where the quote came from) I have decided to start a series of reminders to “use it or lose it”.  


Today I would like to discuss the ankles and feet.  Given our modern living on concrete/asphalt and shoes, most of us have feet that are hugely non articulating leading to several issues that occur with the feet themselves, ankles, knees and eventually the pelvis.  


A quick test -- how far can you squat down with your legs parallel, just slightly wider than your sitz bones keeping your heels down?  My guess might be not very far without falling over.  Tight ankles.  Healthy ankles should enable you to squat and balance there.  Let’s try squatting at least once a day to improve the flexibility in our ankles.


Second quick test -- can you scrunch up a towel laid out in front of you pulling the towel towards you with your toes and metatarsals?  This one is probably easier than the squatting however you might experience a non-fluid motion of getting your foot to make the movement and perhaps some early fatigue.


Use it or lose it, right?  We used to walk barefoot on the dirt for miles and miles, now we barely walk in shoes on concrete and asphalt.  Your feet need to articulate properly using both the posterior and anterior muscles in the lower leg.  Ultimately, this usage affects how your pelvis is able to move to sustain you as you go through life.


Let’s choose the “use it” path together!!!!  There is nothing like a healthy happy body!!




The Next Best Thing?

Jennifer Wilson

A dear friend of mine passed on an article about a gentleman who is making a new reformer - the Megaformer and even is quoted as saying, “I always wanted to do Pilates, but I felt like I needed to do another workout after. I didn’t sweat.”  I can boldly say that I think he needs to come and see me.  I am unimpressed nor do I see the necessity in a “new” piece of equipment as the ultimate machine for fitness especially with the idea that something currently is lacking.  As if the reason we are now not fit as a society is because we never had this “new” machine before.  I am completely on the other side of this even though I do use machines in my daily training of clients though ultimately what I teach my clients has nothing to do with the Pilates equipment in my studio.


It is the philosophy behind the movement which creates fitness not the actual movement action itself.  If you are moving properly and in the right organization then it does not matter the exercise that you are doing.  We are constantly bombarded with advertisements that state such things as “This machine is the ultimate answer for 6-pack abs!”  It may well have some effect on the majority of purchasers as they most likely have not been exercising in the past or daily so some improvement will be seen.  However I feel that it does not matter the routine you do or the equipment you are using, it is the HOW in what you are doing that is the key.


Every movement we do as humans has organization behind it, even if we are not directly thinking our way through something.  Think about the movements you perform on a daily basis without much thought behind them.  You walk around your house, brush your teeth, pour beverages, cook, lift bags, etc.  All of these items are physical processes that we do naturally as our muscles learned patterns to do so and we can do them rather mindlessly.  We can also exercise mindlessly as well.  Hence the need to do 100 crunches in the gym or have a “new” machine that solves all the missing links.  There is no need to do over 100 crunches when you can exert more work on the abdominal muscles doing 10 with the proper muscular organization and conscious movement.  And to think conversely you can “workout” by applying a little muscular organization and conscious movement to your daily tasks. 


So, to come full circle.  Yes, I have machines in my studio and most likely will have more and I especially love the rockers.  But my intention with them is to use them to empower my clients with the muscular organization and consciousness so that once stepping outside of Bodywise their daily activities or sports will benefit from the better organized and strengthened body that we have empowered them with.  There is no lacking in anything we have today (and if you know me you know I love advancements), it is just that the answer to fitness lies within each one of us not just the action of going through the motion of exercising.  Thus, truly making your Body as Wise as your mind in a mega way!