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Bodywise, Inc. was established in 2001 in the San Fernando Valley and for the past 13 years has been the premier Pilates studio of the area.  With a highly personalized approach to our client’s goals and overall well-being the skilled staff have a superb knowledge of the body and true organized kinesthetic movement.  We are completely committed to our client’s goals and wellness, empowering our client’s with knowledge and fitness so that their physical well-being achieves its highest level.  Over the 13 years we have successfully alleviated chronic pain, helped those with disabilities to live a better life, assisted those in post-rehabilitation for a full body recovery and enhanced athletic performance up to 30% while lowering the incidence of injury.  By taking Pilates to the next level we take our client’s well being to the next level.  Bodywise is committed to making your Body as Wise as your mind. 


Jennifer Wilson


Jennifer was basically born moving, starting to dance at the age of 3 and has not stopped, leading to a professional career in dance and then as a cyclist.  Throughout her careers she has used Pilates to perfect and enhance her athletic endeavors to achieve the utmost in performance and health.  Her innate ability to understand, feel and dissect how the body moves has lead to her own personal successes and for the past 14 years to the success of her clients.  She has been practicing Pilates for over 26 years and has a unique approach and knowledge that is beyond books; taking Pilates to the next level.  



Working with Jennifer will revolutionize the way you move!

Her profound understanding of kinesthetics enables her to simplify movement and decode the patterning in the body.  This ability has given her clients enhanced athletic performance, alleviation of chronic pain, full body recovery from injuries and a true knowledge of the body’s movement capabilities so that clients can live a full and healthy life.  Jennifer’s study of the true fundamental reasoning behind the Pilates exercises takes you beyond the periphery “doing” of exercises to the true internal structure and organization of moving from the inside out going beyond your muscles.  For true fitness and health it really is not about the exercises you do but how you do any type of exercise that will gain you optimum health and happiness.


Jennifer trained with Maria Leone and is certified throught the PhysicalMind Institute for Pilates and Balanced Body.  Over the multitude of years she has studied with a variety of master teachers and brings all of this knowledge along with her own lifelong study to her personal approach to Pilates.

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