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Bodywise, Inc. was established in 2001 in the San Fernando Valley and for the past 13 years has been the premier Pilates studio of the area.  With a highly personalized approach to our client’s goals and overall well-being the skilled staff have a superb knowledge of the body and true organized kinesthetic movement.  We are completely committed to our client’s goals and wellness, empowering our client’s with knowledge and fitness so that their physical well-being achieves its highest level.  Over the 13 years we have successfully alleviated chronic pain, helped those with disabilities to live a better life, assisted those in post-rehabilitation for a full body recovery and enhanced athletic performance up to 30% while lowering the incidence of injury.  By taking Pilates to the next level we take our client’s well being to the next level.  Bodywise is committed to making your Body as Wise as your mind. 




Jennifer Wilson

“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” - Dr. Wayne Dyer


I recently heard this quote from Wayne Dyer and have to admit that it had quite an impact on me.  It made me realize that I have had this outlook for a very long time about the body and its organization in movement.  Over time this ‘changed’ perspective has grown and continues to push me to formulate new and profound ways to approach movement and the body.


Movement is not just movement, it is energy, it is vibration, it is intention.  Movement does not come from making shapes with our bodies and extremities; it comes from deep inside emanating from our inner most place.  I always say your abs are everything but really it is much deeper than even your abs.  It is your spine but yet it is not your vertebrae.  As those of you who take from me know, your abs are your spine and we mentally remove anything in between your abs and your spine so that visually your abs lay directly on the front and sides of your spine at all times.  However, even that seems to have some separation in it and lacks the cohesiveness that needs to be there for proper movement initiation and control.  To me the core and the spine are energetically combined and are one intertwined unit that all movement, all being comes from. No matter what you are moving in your body, when you move from the deepest place that you can your movement is pure, it is free and it is easy. 


When I last wrote about the freedom that you feel when you move correctly and how enjoyable it is, it was this energetic combination that I was speaking of.  Instead of thinking about the separate parts where tendons attach muscles to bones thus creating the pulley system that moves us, think of one energetic whole, that emanates from the direct center of the pelvis.  I have to admit that though I am very versed in the anatomy and science behind how we move, I never think of this when I am moving myself.  I much prefer the energetic unit that cohesively flows, creating the movement from the inner most beginning place.


I know this is a huge shift to how we move in the world but definitely worth dabbling in.  A different perspective can make a world of difference to an outcome.  I will admit that I have put this to use in other areas of my life and found the results exhilarating.  Given the New Year is around the corner may you enjoy a change of view that opens up an enlightened exhilarating moment for you.